Friends of the Society

Friends of the Society

friends-of-societyPlease consider becoming one of the “Friends of the Society”. Friends of Friends of Societythe Society¬†will agree to pledge a minimum of $50 per month to the Society for Disabilities to help fund the many programs we offer. It is amazing how far $50 can be stretched; for example, for every $50 that is donated, we can deliver $150 in medical equipment to those most in need. Everything from wheelchairs, walker, commodes and hospital beds are offered to those who otherwise would not be able to afford it.

We also provide exciting recreation programs for children and adults with diabilities with our adapted water and snow ski programs, adapted bike camp and day on the farm.

Your donation will make a significant impact on the life of a child or adult who is experiencing a disability. You can give the precious gift of mobility and recreation that you enjoy to a child or adult today!

Remember, your donation can literally change the life of a child or adult with a disability.

Please become a charter member of Friends of Society today. Your donation is 100% tax deductible and you will be making a meaningful contribution to individuals with disabilities in our community.

To become a member of the Friends of Society please use the link below to to continue to our secure PayPal checkout form

If you want to become a charter member of Friends of the Society and would like to pledge more than $50 a month please us at 209-524-3536.

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