ASL Class

Stayed tuned as we have good news for upcoming classes this late spring/early summer.

Beginner A

This is our basic beginner’s class where we’ll be learning the fundamentals of manual communication. This class consists fo the basics of ASL, beginning basic sentence structure, fingerspelling, alphabet and numbers, social interactions and greetings, introductions, and cultural do’s and don’t’s. We will cover a variety of vocabulary words in both everyday conversations and categories.

Beginner B

This is a continuation of the Beginner A class. We will be delving more into the book and increasing our vocabulary knowledge while continuing to practice sentence structure, fingerspelling, and conversational skills.

**If you are interested in the course, please fill out this FORM to be placed on the waitlist.
For more information, call our office at (209) 524-3536 or email

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