Resources and Referrals

Each month we receive many telephone calls from disabled people who have important unmet needs. When these needs involve services that we don’t provide, we work with clients to put them in touch with a group or an organization that can meet their needs. This is an important service, since many people become confused and discouraged when trying to find help in the maze of public and private programs. is an online resource for families with children and adults with special needs. This one-stop resource helps families to know what recreational, educational and community events are taking place, what types of resources are available and hear from top-notch medical experts sharing their knowledge and expertise while answering parent concerns and issues. TheĀ free parent forum allows families to ask their concerns, share their knowledge and experience with other parents and connect with families in similar situations. To join us, and one group of amazing parents, on one transformational journey. visit us online here.



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