Annual Spring Golf Tournament

Annual Spring Golf Tournament

Make Dreams Real 27th Annual Golf Tournament: May 19th, 2016

Society for DisABILITIES has partnered with Boyett’s Make Dreams Real Endowment Fund! Through a matching grant, Society will receive funding for our annual Adapted Bike Camp program. As a result of this partnership, we are no longer hosting our own golf tournament. We encourage all of our supporters to participate at the Make Dreams Real Tournament in its place! After all, you are still helping Society!

Boyett Petroleum pays 100% of all fees associated with the tournament, so what you pay or donate, goes directly into the endowment fund, helping children all over our community through local programs, like our Adapted Bike Camp.

If you would like to register, please visit:

Thank you so much for your past and continued support!

For More Information, Visit:


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